Questions about design

Imagine a restaurant. You walk inside, what’s the first thing you want to see? This thought has been bugging me for a week now. I’m still waiting to hear whether I’ll get the place for my restaurant, but if I do, I keep thinking how to make it so that when people walk in, they […]

Group of business people having a business meeting

Back to business

Hello, world. For the last few weeks business has been as usual. I’m back working on my restaurant and surprisingly, I found a new place. It’s not in an ideal condition at the moment but it’s vacant so after talking with a designer I’ll probably go for it. It needs some repair, but I love […]



I know, I know. But don’t we all overreact sometimes? However, I do want to apologize. I did not create this blog to have a place to vent when something goes wrong. Besides, it seems that all I needed to get motivated again was a plan. That’s what I did. I made a 5 point […]

Peter Spalding works on a drawing at the Institute of Classical Architecture in New York City, on September 29, 2011. 
Photo: Ramin Talaie

Can I swear here?

Hey, guys. Thank you for coming back to my blog because I might not. No, I’m just kidding 😀 . I love this project and don’t plan to end it any time soon. It’s just I’m so frustrated now. I’ve been talking about searching for places for my new restaurant and now I find out […]


Over the moon

This week I’ve been travelling and I met someone. Someone huge. If you’re a football or poker fan, you should know his name very well. Yes, I met Neymar. I met the newest Pokerstars Brazil star. I have to say, he’s a super nice guy. He spent like 15 minutes talking with me and my […]


Call me maybe?

The name may sound a bit cheesy but hey, why not? I’m overjoyed because I think I’ve found a perfect place for my tapas restaurant. The bad news, is that the people that have a business there now are not sure about their future yet. If they succeed, they’ll stay and I’ll have to search […]

Looking for a place

My new restaurant partner mark suggested I should start already looking for a place for my tapas restaurant. As he found, it will probably take over a year to set up, so the sooner I decide where it will be located, the better. Also, looking at different set-ups now will give be a better understanding […]


Growing a partnership

The partnership is not finalized yet but I’m happy to tell you that I did find someone to help me develop my business. The bad news is, he’s not much more experienced than me, but I’m still pretty sure that working together, sharing ideas will be much easier. His name is Mark and he is […]


In Search of a Partner

Like I said the last time, I started to search for restaurant owners who could help me develop my own joint. I realize it’s not going to be an easy task. These are busy people and helping someone out is the least of their concerns. However, maybe someone who is also starting a restaurant may […]


First task

Like I said, I want to use this blog for accountability purposes. So, my first task is to find someone who already have their own restaurant. I’ve always believed that having a partner in whatever you do is essential for success. Especially if they are more experienced than you. That’s what I’m going to dedicate […]